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Podcast No. 0014: Time for the Incredibles

Incredibles 2

This month on Dispodopolis we discuss Incredibles 2, the new Pixar Pier, and Incredicoaster. I didn’t even realize how long it had been since Incredibles until I saw the opening with Craig T. Nelson, Holly Hunter and Samuel L. Jackson. They aren’t young pups and the 14 years were definitely noticeable. I’m sure it is noticeable on me too.

People have been clamoring for more Incredibles since the end credits ran 14 years ago. This had to be one of the most anticipated movies from Pixar in years and it was well worth the wait. They started Incredibles 2 exactly where the last movie ended. Thank you Pixar for giving the audience what they wanted and doing it so amazingly well. Yes, we love this movie. We actually couldn’t figure out how they could have made this movie any better.

They created an amazing balance in this movie with lots of laughter, fear, happiness and true to life moments. You can tell that the writers have evolved in their personal lives as well as their professional lives. They take an honest look at the family and how “incredibly” hard it is to balance work, kids and personal time and space for you and with you spouse. It is always a push and pull. I really appreciated how the Incredibles have three kids and in that aspect mimic my life. They is a constant need to make sure each kid's emotional, physical and intellectual needs are met.

After our movie review, we look at the new Pixar Pier with the focus on the new Incredicoaster. We review this ride from the view of someone who has seen the movie, has not seen the movie and also day and night. We love the night the best and nothing is spoiled if you haven’t seen the movie. They really did an “incredible” job of balancing the two. Yes, we will be back for more.

Pixar Pier is about half way completed with two rides still in limbo until 2019. So sad to see Bug’s Land go but at least one of the rides will be reimagined and placed on the pier as the Inside Out attraction. Is that optimal, no, but at least they are filling the void that was left by Maliboomer. I actually loved that ride, but it had a limited audience at Disney California Adventure.

Before we jump into our discussion of Incredibles 2, we ask ourselves the question, “What super power would you like to posses?” We have some altruistic answers and some down right self-centered answers to that question.

Next we discuss the new Pixar short, “Bao.” We have mixed reviews on this short and there was a big disconnect for Fiona. She really didn’t know where they were going with this one. It is probably one of their more advantages shorts, but it is a little too complex of a subject to fit within the time allotted. It is worth the time, and probably gets better with age. It isn’t as touching as “Paperman” or “La Luna.” Those two shorts speak through their beauty and simplicity.

We would love to hear from you and your family. If you have any comments, questions or fun and fancy free thoughts for us, email us at Please enjoy our latest podcast, Dispodopolis.

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