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DisTOYopolis: Muppets Lego Minifigures Reveal

Muppets Lego Minifigures

In our latest edition of DisTOYopolis, we look at the Muppets Lego Minifigures that are now available in individual surprise packaging. The set number for the Minifigures is 71033. This is always useful information if you are trying to reference the correct collection. You will receive one Muppets Lego Minifigure per package, but we actually decided to roll the dice and buy them in a larger capacity. There are twelve to collect, and we purchased two boxes of six from Amazon to start our collection. They are also available on the Lego site. The set of six in a box is set number 71035. They are widely available across the Internet from Barnes & Noble to Best Buy. We figured it would take us a couple of tries before we received them all..

Fiona had been holding on to the Muppet Lego Minifigures boxes for a couple of months, and she was waiting for a time when Ryan could meet with us and have the reveal together. She had purchased them with her birthday money. We were able to make the recording happen over the weekend of Fiona’s theater production. If you have been listening to our podcasts, you know that Fiona is part of an ensemble of special needs kids with extraordinary talents. They just appeared in a play called “Lola.” Ryan came down for the exceptional performance, and we could record our video about the Muppets Lego Minifigure reveal on the evening after the second performance.

As we mentioned, twelve different Minifigures are represented by the Muppets. These Minifigures are a great way to join two of Fiona’s loves, Muppets and Lego. Fiona has become increasingly interested in the Muppets since her introduction to Beaker. She loves a sympathetic sidekick that is misunderstood. Fortunately, in this collection, Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker are represented. Two of my favorites also made the cut, Statler and Waldorf. They love a good dad joke at the expense of others or themselves. They also included some fun, eccentric characters that make the Muppets charming: The Swedish Chef, Gonzo with his trusty chicken, and Fozzie Bear. There are many musicians to choose from; the ones included in the set are Animal, Janice (because we need to include a few women characters), and Rowlf the Dog. There are only two female characters in the Muppets because all the original puppeteers were men and performed the female voices. To completely round off this set, they included the two main characters that keep the love going, Kermit and Miss Piggy.

If you are following the reviews of this product, you will see that most of the complaints are aligned to it being a mystery item, and you have to buy a lot to get them all. This process is definitely the downside of the product and can detour people from pursuing these Minifigures. Keep in mind that is what it is, and keep your expectations reasonable. We went into the purchase knowing that we would eventually need to get a few characters near and dear to Fiona’s heart, but we didn’t need them all. Best of luck to you and your adventure of collecting the Muppets Lego Minifigures, and check out our video to see if Fiona got them all. Maybe I’m still on the hunt?

Fiona loves watching reveal YouTube videos, and she hopes that you enjoy this one. There is also a bonus reveal at the end that she has been holding on to for a while. This reveal is from a completely different line of toys known as the Disney Doorables. You can pick these up at your local Target, Walmart, Amazon, and Five Below

Images from: Dispodopolis and Lego

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