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About the Dispodopolis Podcast Crew

"We have known each other all our lives."


Colleen and Ryan are cousins who grew up going to Disneyland. Colleen’s daughter, Fiona, has autism and she loves all things, Disney. Together with you, we are Dispodopolis.


Ryan (@ryanflint_edu) and Colleen (@Tinkscout) started hanging out when he was crawling and she was running circles around him. Colleen’s and Ryan’s love for Disney developed at an early age.  Each Spring Break the family reunited in Southern California. The highlight of each reunion was the annual family visit to Disneyland. Colleen grew up in Southern California and Ryan grew up in Portland, Oregon.  Both now live in Texas.


Fiona (@FionaToadGirl), was diagnosed with autism when she was three and is Colleen's oldest daughter. Fiona’s love for Disney started with her first trip to Disneyland. One of her favorite characters is Mr. Toad, thus ToadGirl. She loves drawing Disney characters and Disney bounding at the Disney Parks. Visit her website at


Dispodopolis is a labor of love for us. It is a way for us to spend more time together as a family and share our Disney experiences and knowledge.  Most importantly this is a way for Fiona to develop her social, communication, and life skills, but to be honest it is helping all of us with those things.  Please join Dispodopolis on our true-life adventure.

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