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Podcast No. 0008: Thank Goodness for Babes In Toyland

Babes in Toyland Movie Poster

This month on Dispodopolis we discuss “Babes in Toyland.” We decided to discuss this movie, this month, because to some this is a most watch every year around Christmas. We had to sit through about half of the movie to figure out why this is considered a Christmas movie. The movie ties into this holiday, by creating a whole new back story to how the toys are made for Christmas. You will have to watch or listen to the podcast to learn the whole story.

"Babes in Toyland" is a remake of the Laurel and Hardy classic of the same name. The original “Babes in Toyland” from 1939 is a beloved movie with heart and warmth and a solid story. The 1961 version developed by Disney is full of holes and unanswered questions. The only resemblance to the 1939 version is the bumbling fools named Gonzorgo and Roderigo, and their blatant attempt to copy the persona of Laurel and Hardy from the original movie.

“Babes in Toyland” is a precursor for “Mary Poppins” and that is why we “Thank Goodness” for this movie being produced first. You can see how X Atencio and Bill Justice are fine tuning the tools they will need to produce the stop motion animation for "Mary Poppins.” You can also see how they are experimenting with set developments and depth of sets. A lot isn't working in this film and you can tell they learned a lot through the success of "Mary Poppins."

Before we jump into our discussion of “Babies in Toyland,” we take a look at some of our favorite holiday memories of Disneyland and Walt Disney World. We discuss the Haunted Mansion overlay, the Country Bear Jamboree overlay and the Candlelight Procession. We also talk about what we look forward to on Fiona’s and my trip to Walt Disney World at Christmas time.

If you have any comments, questions or fun and fancy free thoughts for us, email us at Our moms still haven't sent any questions in yet, so we are relying on anyone out there to help us. Please enjoy our latest podcast, Dispodopolis.

Listen to the Podcast

Mary and Tom (Annette and Tommy Sands)

Barnaby with Gonzorgo and Roderigo

Little Bo Peep (Ann Jillian)
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