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Podcast No. 0005: Fantasmic is Fantastical

Fantasmic - Mickey and the Dragon

This month on Dispodopolis we discuss the updated release of Fantasmic. We were able to view Fantasmic the second night on July, 18th at 10:30pm. It was amazing and well worth the early rise to get our Fastpasses. We will be discussing our early memories of Fantasmic and how it compares to Fantasmic 2.0.

The original Fantasmic debuted in 1992, to fill a void in the area of the Rivers of America, in the evenings. I don’t think they anticipated the response they received from the audience. Everyone loved the new show and it became an instant hit. It was so popular that people were willing to wait all day on a blanket just to obtain a prime spot. Disney finally had to react to the crowd and instated a Fastpass system to keep the flow of people moving through the park, during the day.

Their are many welcome changes to Fantasmic and one change that didn’t thrill the crowds. A new level of technology was added that better integrated the live action with the water projection effects. The flow of the show was smoother and there were many animation features, that had been released since 1992, added to Fantasmic. It still retains it unique qualities that keep it so popular, while adding layers of depth that make the show current.

Before we jump into our discussion and comparison of the old and new version of Fantasmic, we will be discussing which Disney entertainment show we miss the most. Some of us jump way back into our childhood and some miss a show that was just cancelled recently.

If you have any comments, questions or fun and fancy free thoughts for us, email us at Our moms still haven't sent any questions in yet, so we are relying on anyone out there to help us. Please enjoy our latest podcast, Dispodopolis.

Listen to the Podcast

Fantasmic - Kah the Snake

Fantasmic - The Mark Twain Ending

Walt Disney World - Wishes

Disneyland - Golden Horseshoe Revue

Disneyland - American Gazette Parade


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