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Podcast No. 0003: Restaurants we Love and Loved at Disneyland

Big Thunder Ranch

This month on Dispodopolis we remember the restaurants we love and loved at Disneyland. Before we get to our main topic for the night, we start our episode with a trip to the World Showcase at Epcot. Our question of the night is, which country is your favorite country to visit and why? Is it Canada, England, France, Morocco, Japan, Italy, America, Germany, China, Norway or Mexico. We all have different favorites. With 11 countries it is hard to pick just one. Each country is so unique an brings something different to the conversation.

We start our discussion about restaurants at Disneyland on Main Street. The first restaurant we talk about is one of our new favorites, the Carnation Cafe. This is a new experience for us but a childhood favorite of Fiona’s. We make our way down Main Street to the Plaza Inn. This is one the was frequented by Ryan and me as children, but no so much now. I opt for corndogs from the Red Wagon and use the outdoor seating of the Plaza Inn. Then we head over to New Orleans to the River Belle Terrace. This is another restaurant Ryan and I are very familiar with as children. The new menu at River Belle Terrace sparks a conversation about the late Big Thunder Ranch. One of our favorite restaurants at Disneyland. As we talk about the demise of the Big Thunder Ranch, it leads to big changes coming to Disneyland. We return to New Orleans Square continuing our conversation about the Blue Bayou and the Cafe Orleans. We wind up this segment of the episode with a hole in wall flashback.

Since we were sidetracked by the changes coming to the park, we decide to dive deeper into the new attractions that have come to the parks this summer. We ask the question, which attraction do you want to experience first and why? Will it be Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout, Avatar Flight of Passage, or Na’vi River Journey? We also discuss how we are excited about certain aspects of these rides and disappointed by others.

If you have any comments, questions or fun and fancy free thoughts for us, email us at Our moms still haven't sent any questions in yet, so we are relying on anyone out there to help us. Please enjoy our latest podcast, Dispodopolis.

River Belle Terrace

Carnation Cafe

Plaza Inn

Blue Bayou Seating Area


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