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Tomorrowland 1977

The Flint Family Annual Spring Break Trip to Disneyland. Colleen is the one standing on the stroller and Ryan is the baby face down in the stroller.

Welcome to Dispodopolis. The picture above is one of the first pictures of Ryan and I together at Disneyland. I am four and Ryan is one and it is the year 1977. I vividly remember the white pillars that shot up and pierced the horizon in Tomorrowland. I expect them to be their every time I enter this land. It was so bright, futuristic and hopeful. I had no idea of the political environment of the world or the war we had just exited. Star Wars was right around the corner and people wore a lot of bright colors. It was the summer of The Rescuers and Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo. What more could a kid want?

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