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Podcast No. 0012: Pandora, A Whole New World

Pandora-The World of AVATAR

This month on Dispodopolis we discuss Pandora-The World of AVATAR at Animal Kingdom. This was our first visit to Pandora and we didn’t know what to expect. Of course we had heard a lot about it, but videos and photos just can’t do it justice. It is a land to be experienced.

Pandora offers two new attractions, Avatar Flight of Passage and Na’vi River Journey. One amazing E ticket and one amazing Fantasyland equivalent dark ride. We were fortunate to procure Fast Passes to the Avatar Flight of Passage, because the line was consistently 4 hours long. However, you are only able to choose one of the two attractions. We used our DAS (Disability Accessibility Service) card for the Na’vi River Journey, which had a wait time consistently of 2 hours.

Avatar Flight of Passage is a ride that is in a caliber all on it’s own. It is a must experience during your trip to Walt Disney World and a teaser for the upcoming Star Wars: Galaxy Edge. I can’t imagine how they will top this attraction. It is such a special unworldly experience with surprises around every corner.

We had not seen the movie before we rode this ride and when we got home it is the first movie we watched. The land that was created for the movie and brought to life in this attraction is fascinating and engrossing. My youngest wanted to know what all the species of animals were and all about their habitat and behavior. I wish they had an encyclopedia to buy to answer his questions. They do have a Wilderness Explorer booth, so make sure you stop by and learn a bit about the flora in Mo’ara Valley.

I think one of the most surprising aspects of this land is that nobody cared if it was built or not. In fact, it felt as if most people didn’t care and hoped the plans had died on the drawing board. I think it is worth everything they but into it and just makes Star Wars: Galaxy Edge even more intriguing. But wait there is more…

Our next experience was the Na’vi River Journey and it was as beautiful and fascinating as the land itself. It was the three-dimensional world that is created in the two-dimensional simulation ride, Avatar Flight of Passage. It had layers and layers of flora with creatures represented as silhouettes, animatronics and image projections. It made the forest stretch into the background far beyond the walls. It is a short ride with a huge pay-off at the end. The animatronic shaman at the end of the ride is a work of beauty. The range of motion and fluidity of gesture is breath-taking. Definitely worth a 30-45 minute wait. I equate it to one of the shorter Fantasyland attractions.

Finally, we end our discussion with a trip to the Satu’li Canteen. Let me tell you, this is a great place to relax and dine. The food is a great departure from most of the food offered at the numerous counter service restaurants in Walt Disney World. The food is influenced by Asian cuisine and very flavorful. The cheeseburger pods are more geared for the kids but the bowls are definitely geared toward more adult tastes. The best part about this counter service restaurant is the ability to use the Mobile Ordering on the My Disney Experience App. What a time and stress saver. We found a seat, placed our order, and went up when it was ready.

Before we jump into our discussion of Pandora-The World of AVATAR, we will be discussing the movie, “A Wrinkle in Time.” There was a lot of hype in preparation of this movie and Disney had high hopes for its success. You will have to listen and hear about our take away from this childhood classic. It is absolutely gorgeous visually.

We would love to hear from you and your family. If you have any comments, questions or fun and fancy free thoughts for us, email us at Please enjoy our latest podcast, Dispodopolis.

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